The Ashes by Candlelight is an illustrated day by day diary of the England & Australia cricket teams and players, their ups and downs, highlights and lowlights as the England team battle through the Ashes series in Australia over the winter of 2017/18.

All the original cartoons published within this book are for sale. If there is an original cartoon or caricature that you would like to purchase, please contact

You do not need to purchase the book to view the images. You can view these on the Facebook Page by searching for @ashesbypatch

Over 100 pages of twitter posts, comment and illustrations in this collection which is a lighthearted look at the 2017/18 England Ashes tour of Australia. The result was not as we England fans had hoped, but this book serves as a record of all the events on and off the field - there were plenty..

This digital download is a .pdf book 15cm x 15cm which can be viewed on any device, laptop or PC as long as Adobe Reader is installed.

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